From Mobile CRM to Mobile BI

Mark J

Updated · Sep 03, 2010

Mobile CRM in some ways delivered with sales force automation (SFA) applications for mobile workers. This Tech Target report looks at where mobile CRM is successful and
discusses the current shift for vendors to provide mobile business intelligence (BI).

“And while mobile CRM may never have fully lived up to its initial hype, in some ways it delivered, with most CRM vendors offering some mobile capability with their sales force automation (SFA) applications, unleashing and enabling organizations' ‘road warriors.'

“With the emergence and – now — ubiquity of smartphones, much of the focus and development around mobile applications from vendors has shifted to business intelligence (BI) and providing slick dashboards and reports to executives on the move. For example, in the wake of SAP's acquisition of Sybase, SAP's motto has become ‘anytime, anywhere, any device,' and early demos and promises have focused on BI.”

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