FuzeDigital Social CRM Software

Mark J

Updated · Dec 21, 2010

FuzeDigital offers a customer relationship management (CRM) product that serves as social business software that blends comprehensive multichannel support and online community technologies. As mentioned in this CRM Buyer report,
when compared to other CRM providers, FuzeDigital is not yet a household name, however, it is a well established company that has been around for a while.

“The Fuze Suite makes it easy for customer service representatives to manage feedback and for customers to provide feedback in online forms and custom surveys, Van Court said. In addition to helping to identify issues quickly, this gives customers an outlet for any negative feedback they might have, which helps keep them from broadcasting their issues on social media sites. All of this makes the Fuze Suite a very attractive choice.

“Even though the company is not yet as well known as some, ‘we always do very well when evaluated against our competitors,’ Van Court pointed out. ‘Our customers cross several different industries.'”

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