Generic Versus Sector-Specific ERP Systems

Mark J

Updated · May 04, 2010

ERP is the pulse of many organizations, however most generic ERP solutions attempt to be all things to all people. This EFY Times article explains why sector-specific ERP systems, developed by those with an in-depth knowledge of a particular vertical, make the switch to automation smoother.

“In a one-size-fits-all scenario, the company either has to adopt the practices in the ERP system (which are not industry-specific) or has to
customize the solution to its specific needs. But with sector-specific ERP, it is a different story. ‘Companies offering industry solutions come with knowledge and expertise in that particular vertical because of previous experience. Moreover, generic solutions are likely to be patchy and unstable when compared to vertical-specific solutions,’ vouches Anil Bakht, managing director, Eastern Software Systems (ESS).”

Read the Full Story at EFY Times 

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