How to Avoid CRM Failure

Mark J

Updated · Oct 29, 2010

CRM failure is often attributed to complicated integrations or inflexible technology.
According to this report on CRM Buyer, the reality is that technology is usually not the problem — the most common CRM killer is adoption failure because the intended users can’t be persuaded to use it.

“Like so much about CRM, it’s a mistake to focus on the technology when it comes to adoption. Sure, the interface needs to be clean and usable — and allowing end-users to modify the interface to reflect the way they work doesn’t hurt, either. However, adoption isn’t really about technology. It’s about selling CRM to your workers — and especially your sales force.

“Others along the chain seem much more eager to accept CRM. Marketing loves the ability to harness large volumes of data as it hunts for qualified leads, and service loves the ability to draw a complete picture of a customer’s relationship with the company. Sales is still a sticking point.”

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