How to Choose The Right ERP Software

Mark J

Updated · Jul 22, 2010

When looking for the right ERP solution, there are numerous candidate solutions to choose from. So how do you differentiate between them to select the right one for you? This IT-Director article offers best practice advice and tips for finding the right ERP solution for your organization.

“Customer management, which should cover the ability to set up sales accounts and territories supported by contact management associated with the ability to manage leads and opportunities as well as handle mail shots. There needs to be support for customers to be able to place orders through a web front-end without the involvement of any of the manufacturer's personnel. In today's flexible market, price management, with rules for discounting, is a very important piece of functionality. For certain industries rental and promotions management is also important.

“Sales management, which not only has to cover the process of handling all your sales order types, but should also cover estimates and quotes in a similar vein. With main company's sales forces being remote from their base for the majority of the time, there is a need to provide sales force automation capabilities. It is also key to have support for sales literature as well as marketing campaign support. From an analysis viewpoint, for many organizations, analysis by sales channel is important as is pricing analysis and optimization and of course profitability analysis.”

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