HyperQuality Announces Updated Contact Center Software

Mark J

Updated · Dec 02, 2010

HyperQuality has recently announced the release of ClearMetrix 2.0, the company's enhanced version of its contact center quality assurance workflow software. As noted by the company in its official news release, the software enables companies to gain unparalleled customer experience insight across both internal and outsourced customer service centers.

“Unlike other tools which are limited to monitoring only their own proprietary call recordings, ClearMetrix 2.0 from HyperQuality allows for complete centralized analysis of all recorded customer interactions on any vendor's recording platform, anywhere in the world, allowing businesses to have a unified view of customer experience. Additionally, the new version makes ClearMetrix 2.0 one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use tools available today.”

Read the Full News Release at HyperQuality.com

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