Impact 360 Speech Analytics Optimizes Contact Center Operations

Mark J

Updated · Jul 20, 2010

Verint Systems has announced that that Telefónica O2 Ireland has implemented its Impact 360 Advanced Speech Analytics solution to help identify €1 million in potential savings by uncovering the underlying issues that prompt calls into its contact center. According to the recent news release, by mining recorded calls and analyzing customer interactions, the speech analytics software can identify and respond to the root causes that result in unnecessary calls for customers, and gather key market intelligence.

“Impact 360 Advanced Speech Analytics was deployed at O2 Ireland’s 400-seat contact center in Limerick in November 2009. Verint’s local partner and specialist contact center systems integrator Capstone is supporting the Impact 360 solution suite at O2 Ireland. The company selected Verint's speech analytics solution to complement its existing use of technology from the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite—including quality monitoring, call recording and workforce management software—which has been successfully used by O2 Ireland since 2007.

“Impact 360 Speech Analytics automatically analyzes call content to provide organizations with timely customer and market insights. Powered by Verint’s patented Complete Semantic Index, organizations of all sizes can use features such as Customer Behavior Indicators, visual search and TellMeWhy to automatically search for specific words/phrases and categorize audio interactions according to a company’s specific challenges and objectives, as well leverage advanced data-mining to surface even those that haven’t been defined in advance. Impact 360 Speech Analytics can transcribe entire call content, including accents, dialects and slang, and be customized easily to accommodate specialized words, such as technical or industry terminology. Leveraging the solution, organizations can quickly identify root causes and drivers of rising call volumes; reveal strengths and weaknesses with processes, products and services; and discover market opportunities, trends and intelligence that might otherwise go undetected.”

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