InsideView Sales Intelligence Will Be Preloaded in SugarCRM

Mark J

Updated · Apr 07, 2011

InsideView and SugarCRM have announced that InsideView’s sales intelligence solution will come preinstalled in all editions of SugarCRM. As noted in this Market Wire news release, the integrated solution will provide all of SugarCRM’s users with immediate access to InsideView’s state-of-the-art sales intelligence at no incremental cost. The announcement was made at the annual SugarCon customer and developer’s conference.

“The partnership comes at a time when sales people are overwhelmed with an explosion of data that leaves them spending more time searching for information and less time selling. InsideView’s sales intelligence dramatically improves sales performance by aggregating the most valuable sources of external information sales people need about companies and contacts into a single, easy-to-access view within SugarCRM. This sales intelligence makes it fast and easy to discover prospects, qualify leads, engage decision-makers, close deals, and grow both customer relationships and top-line revenue.”

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