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Updated · Nov 06, 2001

Market research firm InsightExpress has released an integrated and automated online survey solution that will enable companies to measure customer satisfaction.

The new product, SatisfactionExpress, collects feedback after every customer interaction, preventing issues and problems from becoming critical. Whether operated as a standalone solution or integrated into existing CRM applications, SatisfactionExpress can: provide real-time customer alerts; monitor and track customer satisfaction over time, geography, or service representative; identify key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction; and prioritize product and service improvements.

“The relationship between customer satisfaction and company profits is well established. So, it is a clear competitive advantage to immediately measure and understand the drivers of customer satisfaction at the moment an interaction occurs. Up to now, continuous satisfaction measurement was painstakingly slow, laborious, expensive, and in many situations not even possible,” said Lee Smith, COO of InsightExpress.

SatisfactionExpress is operated through a suite of integrated tools that interpret and communicate results throughout the enterprise. Intuitive features such as real-time cross tabs; data filtering tools; graphs; and regression and correlation analysis tools aid the wide array of users ranging from marketing, call center, and customer experience managers to seasoned research professionals to understand the results.

“SatisfactionExpress empowers everyone in an organization to track and understand customer satisfaction levels from initial inquiry to purchase and post-sale support,” said Mark Ahrens, director of client solutions at InsightExpress. “Most importantly, SatisfactionExpress provides fast, actionable information that can be used to drive customer retention and corporate profits.”

Stamford, Conn.-based InsightExpress is affiliated with Interpublic Group and NFO WorldGroup. The company’s fully automated market research technology enables clients to gain insight into the needs, behaviors and attitudes of their targeted consumers, customers and employees.

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