IQMS Launches EnterpriseIQ 7.7

Mark J

Updated · Feb 25, 2010

The new release includes more than 400 revisions across all areas of the ERP package.

IQMS has introduced the last release of its EnterpriseIQ ERP software.

“EnterpriseIQ 7.7 owes many of its enhancements to the IQMS Community Server, introduced last year as the clearinghouse for development changes, the company said in its announcement,” writes Managing Automation's Emily-Sue Sloane. “The server enables customers ‘to contribute their development ideas and to comment on ideas of others to help drive the system forward,' the company said.”

“The collaborative 7.7 release contains more than 400 revisions across all areas of the ERP package, including quality management, statistical process control, shop floor integration, CRM, scheduling, process costing, and human resources,” Sloane writes.

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