Is Social CRM Stuck?

Mark J

Updated · Oct 15, 2010

There are many examples of social media doing a great job of improving customer experience. According to this CRM Buyer report, organizations might be missing the bigger point of social CRM because of a focus on the technology and not so much on what it does beyond the basics.

“The ‘Gee, isn’t this cool technology?’ approach is a phase, but so is the other. Cool technology launches early adopters, and who’s to say they’re wrong? They are the folks who actually come up with the practical applications for a technology that guys like me write about. We’ve been in the “cool technology” phase for a while now with social, and perhaps that time has been extended by the recession. Fewer companies are willing to take on something that has little track record when the name of the game is revenue.”

Read the Full Story at CRM Buyer

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