Jaspersoft Aims to Make Business Intelligence Pervasive

Paul Ferrill

Updated · Jan 12, 2011

Open source business intelligence leader Jaspersoft today unveiled Jaspersoft 4, which the company is billing as the “first complete BI suite designed for web applications.”

With a new modular UI architecture that separates the content and presentation layers in keeping with web application standards, Jaspersoft said version 4 “significantly accelerates the process of bringing BI to users.” A new consumer GUI offers visual dashboarding and self-service features.

Jaspersoft Chief Marketing Officer Jim Bell said the company’s goal is to make business intelligence more pervasive and “get it into the hands of users,” something the company already has significant experience with, boasting 175,000 open source community members and 160,000 production deployments.

The company’s paying customers have also been growing. Jaspersoft has 100 cloud customers and 1,000 paying subscribers, plus another 13,000 that have paid for training and documentation.

Half of Jaspersoft users are using the software to embed business intelligence in another application — hence the new version’s focus on integration and embedded BI — while the other half are using it as a standalone BI offering.

Jaspersoft 4 also offers reporting, data integration and analysis features, including OLAP and in-memory analytics. The software can be deployed out-of-the-box on-premise, in a multi-tenant SaaS environment, or in the cloud.

The Jaspersoft UI architecture allows for simple markup changes in cascading style sheets (CSS) without affecting the underlying functionality. Customizations are automatically carried forward as new Jaspersoft versions are deployed. The UI framework also allows for rapid creation of alternative UI themes for different users, different SaaS tenants and different devices, and enables the integration of the Jaspersoft BI server within existing web applications.

Annual subscription pricing for Jaspersoft is $20,000 to $30,000 per CPU socket. The Jaspersoft open source community can be found at Jaspersoft.org.

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Paul Ferrill
Paul Ferrill

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