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Sean Michael

Updated · Oct 23, 2013

Jive Software released a slew of updates to its flagship social platform at its JiveWorld13 event in Las Vegas this week. According to a news release, Jive's goal is to replace “dusty old portals” with a more modern communication and collaboration solution that works as well on mobile devices as on traditional PCs.

Among the new features, which will become available in early November:

Improved search functionality. Jive's Social Directory provides a simple way to find experts and source talent inside the company. Users can endorse colleagues' skills, which makes it easier than ever to locate coworkers with the desired expertise. When a user creates new groups or projects, Jive auto-suggests colleagues that match the needed talents.

Jive profiles also now offer a more complete view of fellow employees, including how they are connected within the organization, their professional experience, their most impactful contributions, and trending content and recent activity, plus a gallery view of photos.

A feature called Impact Metrics allows users to view how employees receive their internal blogs and strategy documents, including sentiment analysis, readers, and whether targeted departments received a particular message.

New social and messaging features. With real-time messaging embedded directly within the Jive platform, employees can initiate one-to-one or group conversations that carry through for offline users, or they can see who else is viewing the same document and start a conversation in context.

Using the Social Task System, users can create, assign and schedule tasks within Jive, including inside meeting notes, blogs, projects, profiles, spaces and groups. Additionally, people can now create tasks in-line in emails and direct them to the Jive community – which offers simple tracking for the sender and checklists for recipients.

Similar to the integration with Box for file storage, people can now access Google Drive, directly from Jive. Users can bi-directionally sync Jive to Drive and comment, mark final or needs action, make decisions and ask questions related to a document stored in Drive, right from the Jive platform. They can also work on files in Drive while still connected to all the Jive resources. They can also access relevant profiles and Jive conversations from within Gmail, and enjoy the ability to comment, interact and create new Jive discussions from existing emails.

To keep better track of relevant activity feeds, users can bring all streams, including now Facebook and Twitter, into Jive.

The release also offers more integration capabilities for third-party developers, including the ability to tie in any content system or document management system, build deeply integrated apps and create interactive activity stream objects that create additional collaboration opportunities.

Better mobile experience. A new Universal App brings all of the Jive Fall cloud release features to iPads and iPhones.  Designed with the new iOS7 functionality, people can now create content using a new rich-text editor, take mobile videos and upload them onto their enterprise social network, use new search filters to find content, and view enhanced profile features and make expert recommendations within the social directory directly from their devices.

“We are focused on making Jive the social platform to get real work done — ensuring collaboration happens in context, bringing in all lines-of-business apps into the collaboration process and building the right level of functionality to help people move conversations into actions,” said Oudi Antebi, senior vice president of products at Jive. “We're transforming the way people communicate and collaborate in a new world where most of us are mobile and use a best-of-breed approach when choosing the apps we use at work.”

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