Jive Ideation Builds on Employee and Customer Relationships

Mark J

Updated · Mar 23, 2010

Jive Software has introduced Jive Ideation as a new module for its Social Business Software (SBS) portfolio.

"Jive Ideation puts a process behind capturing ideas and allows conversations to occur around them — whether it be among employees or among customers," writes destinationCRM.com's Lauren McKay. "Much like other idea management communities, the Jive program enables customers or employees (whomever the ideation community is geared toward) to vote up or down their favorite ideas."

"Unlike other idea communities, however, is Jive's ability to link the idea conversations to its workplace collaboration software," McKay writes. "Essentially, employees are able to keep a close ear to new ideas, converse with co-workers about them, and then collaborate to get the ideas in motion."

Click on the following to read the destinationCRM.com article: Jive's Bright Idea

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