KarmaCRM Offers Web-Based CRM for Sales Teams

Mark J

Updated · Apr 08, 2011

KarmaCRM offers a simple and usable interface in its Web-based CRM solution. As reported on Call Center Solutions, A significant advantage the KarmaCRM holds over its competition is that it is hosted on the cloud enabling sales professionals and customer relation managers to access their info anytime, anywhere.

“John Paul Narowski commented that agile, lightweight and mobile are some of the major shifts now seen in what successful small businesses implement. Based on these revelations, they decided to build software that helped support those characteristics, wrapping the software around a business' goals instead of the other way around. Using KarmaCRM, one immediately sees what is so special about it – and, it's not an intimidating number of overly complex features, it's the fact that it's simple on the outside, yet agile on this inside.”

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