Kenya’s Bid For Call Center Capital

Mark J

Updated · Nov 16, 2010

Kenya is taking on India in bid to be considered the call center capital. As reported in this CNN Marketplace Africa, Kenya’s first call center, is part of a growing business that is challenging Asia’s long-held dominance of the international
call center outsourcing industry.

“A trailblazing Kenyan call center is taking on India and the Philippines, trying to persuade international businesses to outsource their customer service to Nairobi.

“When Nicholas Nesbitt started his outsourcing business in 2005, people found it hard to take the idea of an African call center seriously.

“‘When I first pitched Kenya, some people literally laughed in my face,’ Nesbitt, CEO of the Nairobi-based KenCall outsourcing call center, told CNN.

“Five years later and nobody’s laughing. KenCall is Kenya’s biggest outsourcing company, and Africa is taking a larger slice out of the multi-billion dollar international outsourcing pie than ever before.”

Read the Full Story at CNN Marketplace Africa

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