KISSS Methodology Offers Best CRM Success

Mark J

Updated · Jun 01, 2010

The most basic of CRM projects can suffer unless you deliver incrementally. This It World report suggests that it is essential to avoid the ‘big-bang' style of project deliveries for CRM, and to do this you need to KISSS: Keep It Small, Simple, and Separable.

“As I've written before, it is essential to avoid the big-bang style of project deliveries for CRM projects. You'll find that nearly every CRM consultancy will claim that they're an Agile shop. This is natural, as nearly all the authors of the Agile manifesto were themselves consultants. But it's one thing to blurt Agile all over one's Web site, and another to actually run projects that way.

“Why do you care? Because CRM projects need to be much more flexible and adaptive than general IT applications. All too often, the users don't really know what they need, and the smart ones will admit it. Even if they did know, the business rules and your company's competitive environment will change before an 18-month big bang project ever gets deployed. CRM projects are not only less expensive when delivered incrementally, they are a better fit with the business needs. So it's important to get your project staff — and the CRM system's executive champions — comfortable with Agile.”

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