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Updated · Mar 03, 2003

KnowledgeBase Solutions Inc., a provider of knowledge management software for customer self-help and support, today announced the availability of Version 3.0.

According to Los Angeles-based KnowledgeBase, Canon U.S.A.'s Systems and Technical Support Division will be the first customer to upgrade to the new version, which includes portal customization, added search options, foreign language support and other features designed to improve's front and back end functionality.

Applications such as KnowledgeBase have the potential to offer the double benefit of both providing end-users with better service while also reducing support costs. “Self-service applications allow customers to quickly gain access to information without the bother of contacting a service representative, decreasing costs associated with helping customers by phone,” said Esteban Kolsky, senior research analyst for customer service and support strategies at Gartner. Version 3.0, which is available as either on-premise software or a hosted service, includes three new search options including Subcategory, Wild Card, Exact Word and Stemming searches as well as Smart Synopsis.

The new and enhanced standard capabilities of 3.0 include the following, according to the company:

  • Portal Snap-Ins are designed to enable customers to “snap” their preferred
    portal features into any Web page without having to launch a separate
    knowledgebase portal. For example,
    components such as Search, Top 10, FAQs, Hot Topics, and Solution
    Finder can be integrated into a desired Web page
    location separately, according to the company.

  • Personalized Portals allow customers to create one portal for
    various sets of end-users based on entitlements and permissions..

  • Batch Uploads are designed to enable thousands of legacy documents to be
    automatically loaded into a knowledgebase at one time. This new
    feature assists in the creation of new knowledgebases from legacy
    systems and documents.

  • Enhanced Back-end Searching is now available from
    within the administration control panel to help administrators and
    knowledge workers find and edit their documents.

  • Article Work-Flow and User Details Reports offer two new ways to
    help manage the usage, accuracy and performance of
    and responsible personnel.

  • Dynamic Portal Caching is designed to boost the performance of high-traffic
    portals. Caching can now be used to reduce the Web-server-to-database
    transactions and improve page load times, according to KnowledgeBase.

  • Storage Area Network Support enables knowledgebase portals
    to find and serve up knowledge stored in a SAN environment, in addition
    to Network Attached Storage (NAS) environment making it easier for
    customers to use their current database and Web page environments in
    conjunction with

In addition to the enhanced capabilities of 3.0, two new add-on modules are now available:

KB Portal Builder, an add-on component to the Enterprise Edition, is an API module designed to provide new levels of portal customization. HTML and ASP code can now integrate with any of's portal, search or article display, according to the company. The KB Portal Builder is sold separately for $7,500.

KB Global Language Pack is also an add-on component to the Enterprise Edition and now a standard feature of Hosted Edition. This new addition enables customers to present portals in up to ten different languages. Additionally, customers can store and search for documents in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. The KB Global Language Pack is sold separately for $10,000.

Pricing for Version 3.0 is as follows:

  • Enterprise Edition: $50,000 (out of the box)
  • Hosted Edition: $200 – $2,500/month (based on blocks of articles)
  • Professional Edition: $4,995-$9,995 (based on number of articles)

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