Latest Version of OpenERP Includes Social Features

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Updated · Feb 24, 2012

OpenERP, a Belgium-based provider of open source ERP, has announced the release of version 6.1, an upgrade meant to help businesses boost their productivity.

According to the company, the release features 85 new applications, including a touchscreen point-of-sale, kanban views and enterprise social features.

The touchscreen point-of-sale. This web application works on any tablet PC or iPad, requiring no installation. It also works in disconnected mode with a semi-real time synchronization technology, so merchants can continue operating even without a web connection. It can be fully integrated with other OpenERP applications like Inventory Management and Accounting.

The kanban views. This visual board allows users to control their activities at a glance and manage them using drag-and-drop or quick actions. It can be used with numerous other OpenERP applications. As an example, in the CRM application a salesperson will be able to manage his sales funnel by drag-and-dropping business opportunities and launching actions such as scheduling a meeting or converting to a quotation in a single click.

Enterprise social features. OpenERP 6.1 introduces several social features, including a smart system to share documents with customers or suppliers, and a synchronization mechanism that allows business flows to be fully integrated between companies. For example, if a company shares an invoice with a customer, the customer can automatically integrate it in his management application as a supplier invoice without having to re-encode the information.

The OpenERP community, which includes more than 1,500 active members, has contributed more than 1,500 modules to OpenERP. A network of certified partners, established in more than 80 countries, deploys the solution locally. According to OpenERP, the software is downloaded a thousand times a day. Many OpenERP apps are available in an online apps library.

An online demo of OpenERP 6.1 is available.

Enterprise Apps Today contributor Vangie Beale wrote a review of OpenERP’s Online CRM Module in September.

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