Learn From the Biggest ERP Failures of This Year

Mark J

Updated · Dec 21, 2010

2010 was a year when a number of high-profile enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects failed. According to this report on Network World, waste, fraud, lies and “cluelessness” are blamed for many ERP project woes. Two of the failed projects discussed in the article include the New York's City Time “disaster” and Marin County's “rip and replace” ERP projects.

“If there is a worst way for an ERP project to end, it's with a ‘rip-and-replace,' and that's what officials in Marin County, California, decided to do in August.

“Officials decided that it would be less expensive to simply replace its ailing SAP system with something else, instead of trying to fix widespread problems with it.

“Marin County sued system integrator Deloitte Consulting in connection with the system earlier this year, saying Deloitte used the project as “a trial-and-error training ground” for inexperienced employees, and the result was a ‘costly computer system far worse than the legacy systems it was intended to replace.'

“Deloitte has denied the county's claims.”

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