LiveOps Adds Facebook Integration to Social Contact Center Software

Drew Robb

Updated · May 21, 2012

Social media and contact centers are like the peanut butter and chocolate of the enterprise – a once-unusual combination that most folks quickly realize not only makes sense but works exceptionally well.

So it’s not surprising that many providers of CRM software are rushing to integrate Facebook, Twitter and other social channels with their contact center platforms. The latest to do so is LiveOps, which today announced that Facebook channel integration is available on its LiveOps Platform.

According to the company, its LiveOps Social cloud application manages social customer interactions with real-time monitoring of designated Twitter accounts and Facebook pages and/or specific hashtags and keywords. The app employs a queue management feature and engagement tools to route messages to the best available agent to respond to a customer, based on message content.

“Social media and constant mobile connectivity have permanently changed the traditional concepts of the customer service contact center and customer relationship management,” said Marty Beard, president and CEO of LiveOps, in a statement.  “With today’s announcement we are providing a quick, easy and efficient way for enterprises to extend their contact center to their increasingly social and mobile customers.”

The app presents a single record of a customer’s complete interaction history on an agent’s integrated multichannel desktop. The app also allows customer service agents to tweet or post comments in response to customer needs, moving easily from Twitter or Facebook to more private channels such as voice or email and then back again if needed. Messages can also be automated, with scheduled tweets or posts.

Managers can use LiveOps Social to monitor and track individual agent performance, and reporting of customer-agent interactions across all channels is available in a single system.  For additional quality management, optional reply templates are available for standardized responses and managers can screen comments or tweets by agents before they are posted on social channels.

Fade O’Gunro, advertising manager for LiveOps client Worldwide Sports Travel, which has deployed LiveOps Social with SMS in addition to LiveOps Chat & Email, said  the app “makes it easy to reach thousands of customers with ticket notifications, promotions and last-minute specials. These communications have resulted in a 30 percent increase in sales to repeat customers.”

LiveOps clients include, Symantec, Royal Mail Group and Amway New Zealand. According to the company, its platform has processed more than a billion minutes of customer interactions and managed operations for a U.S.-based contact center of 20,000 home-based, independent agents.

LiveOps isn’t the only company adding integration with Facebook and other social channels to its contact center software. Zoho earlier this month updated its Zoho Support customer support software with Twitter and Facebook integration.

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