Making Social CRM A Successful Venture

Mark J

Updated · Nov 19, 2010

While the promise of
social CRM (SCRM) is well known, this CRM Buyer article suggests that what is lacking in the industry is the courage to take the first step. Holding organizations back is its need for SCRM best practices.

“The whole point of SCRM is to better understand your customers and to build more intimate relationships with them. That means that the most likely businesses to have approaches that appeal to your customers are your competitors. So, are you going to wait for your competitors to develop best practices before you get your SCRM activities in gear? Why not send them your leads so they can prequalify them for you while you're at it?

“Social CRM is about building a two-way conversation between your business and your customers. The best practices that work for you are going to be specific to you and your customers — that relationship will be unique and distinct and impossible to export to another business without making changes to it.”

Read the Full “The Social CRM Fallacy That Could Kill Your Business” Story at CRM Buyer

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