Memphis Police Use Predictive Analytics to Reduce Crime Rates

Mark J

Updated · Jul 26, 2010

According to this IBM news release on PR Newswire, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) has enhanced its crime fighting techniques with IBM predictive analytics software. As a result of using the software, the news release states that the department has reduced serious crime by more than 30 percent, including a 15 percent reduction in violent crimes since 2006.

“Leading law enforcement agencies like MDP are using IBM analytics software to predict trends, allocate resources and identify ‘hot spots' to reduce crime rates — including directed patrol, targeted traffic enforcement, task forces, operations, high-visibility patrol and targeted investigations.

“The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program mirrored what the city of Memphis was seeing on the municipal level: crime, noticeably violent crime, was on the rise. Aware that traditional policing approaches were becoming less effective, MPD created Blue CRUSH, or Criminal Reduction Utilizing Statistical History, an innovative, evidence-based approach using IBM predictive analytics software, built in partnership with the University of Memphis' Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

“IBM predictive analytics software compiles volumes of crime records in seconds, including incoming data sources from patrols, pertaining to type of criminal offense, time of day, day of week or various victim/offender characteristics. MPD can now better guide daily decisions that address criminal activity and place officers in a better strategic position to respond to an unfolding crime. For instance, in January 2010, targeted police operations in Memphis' Hollywood-Springdale neighborhood resulted in more than 50 arrests of drug dealers; and, the area has witnessed a 36.8 percent reduction in crime.”

Read the Full News Release at PR Newswire

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