Microsoft CRM Challenges Salesforce and Oracle

Mark J

Updated · Jan 27, 2011

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM Online Service's price is a direct challenge to Salesforce and Oracle and employs the same code set as the on-premise CRM solution. As noted on CRM Buyer there are reasons other than just price to be charmed by Dynamics CRM Online.

“Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) did some smart things last week when it announced its Dynamics CRM Online service. Most of the headlines will focus on the teaser rate or introductory pricing of only US$34 per seat-month for 12 months. Until June, users of Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) CRM On-Demand and Salesforce who switch will have an added inducement of up to $200 per user, which everyone acknowledges ought to go to conversion costs.”

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