MicroStrategy CRM Applications Now Generally Available

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Updated · Jan 23, 2001

VIENNA, VA–MicroStrategy Incorporated, a provider of business intelligence software, has
announced the general availability of MicroStrategy CRM Applications, a suite of three
products for analytical CRM and marketing automation. The company says these products will
empower companies to build valuable relationships with their customers by leveraging
online and offline customer data to perform sophisticated customer analysis and
personalized, event-based and permission-based marketing.

MicroStrategy says their CRM Applications consists of three products:

  • MicroStrategy Web Business Analyzer, which enables companies to
    develop a complete understanding of web site interactions.

  • MicroStrategy Customer Analyzer, which provides powerful, customer-
    centric analysis to deliver insight and identify effective sales,
    service and marketing activities. It also includes all of the
    functionality of MicroStrategy Web Business Analyzer.

  • MicroStrategy Marketing Automation, which offers an integrated,
    closed-loop solution to engage customers in ongoing, permission-based
    dialogue across all channels of communication.

According to MicroStrategy, the CRM Applications integrate data from disparate information
sources such as call centers, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, web sites,
e-commerce sites, transactional systems, data warehouses and third party data providers.
They say that through its pre-packaged ETL (extract, transform and load), the
customer-centric data warehouse is continuously populated from these various source
systems to provide a detailed view of the customer. The company claims MicroStrategy CRM
Applications contain more than 300 pre-built reports covering sales, service and
marketing and has been built and refined based on more than 200 implementations with
MicroStrategy customers over the past decade.

“The bottom line is that MicroStrategy CRM Applications enable companies to build strong,
personal relationships with their customers,” said Mark LaRow, vice president of
MicroStrategy's applications group. “MicroStrategy CRM Applications provide a more
detailed view of the customer that allows companies to respond personally and proactively
to customers' needs, whether the interaction is through a physical store, call center or
web site.”

“MicroStrategy CRM Applications allow us to identify and take action on emerging sales,
service and marketing opportunities to maximize our return on investment,” said Kevin
Vogt, president of Kiko.com. Other customers include TV Guide and Neiman Marcus.

MicroStrategy says their CRM Applications are built on the extensible and
customizable MicroStrategy 7 platform. For more information, go to

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