MicroStrategy Offers New iPhone, iPad Business Intelligence Products

Mark J

Updated · Jan 27, 2011

MicroStrategy has plans to announce a series of new business intelligence (BI) products for Apple mobile devices at its annual user conference on Tuesday in Las Vegas. According to this report on PC World, this includes transactional data systems and on-demand deployments.

“The company is rolling out additional ways to visualize data on iPads and iPhones, including ‘heat map’ and calendar-style presentations. Another new feature will enable in-memory data stores on mobile devices to receive new information without having to recreate the whole repository. MicroStrategy’s in-memory capabilities will now also be able to suck in data from multidimensional databases such as Oracle’s Essbase.

“A product called MicroStrategy Transaction Services will allow mobile applications to talk to transactional systems back at the home office. For example, a store worker could use an iPhone ‘to scan the bar code of an item, identify the product as a top-seller, see the sales forecast for the item, and immediately initiate a re-order,’ the company said in a statement.”

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