MicroStrategy Test Breaks 100,000 User Barrier

Mark J

Updated · Jan 13, 2011

Business intelligence (BI) software provider, MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) has said that in benchmark tests of its latest software release, MicroStrategy 9.0.2, MicroStrategy can support more than 100,000 active users while delivering average response times under 2 seconds. Also noted in the PR Newswire press release is that the tests ran using MicroStrategy 9.0.2 installed on commodity Intel-based hardware with the RedHat Linux ES operating system, with a typical retail price of $63,500 for a 4-node clustered configuration.

“The performance tests were conducted using a standard test suite of 66 reports and 5 complex dashboards that were designed to incorporate the full range of report sizes and usage patterns consistent with enterprise BI applications. MicroStrategy created the test suite based on the application profiles of a dozen of its larger customers. The smallest report contained 1 row and 60KB of data, while the largest report contained over 218,000 rows and 23,602KB of data. The report complexity ranged from a single SQL pass to 149 SQL passes to calculate the report results. The average number of SQL passes for all reports in the test suite is 17. The database used contained 1TB of data with a 7 billion row fact table running on Oracle 11g. The tests operated against cached data as well as large-scale in-memory databases, within the 144GB memory space used by the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server in-memory cube technology.”

Read the Full News Release at PR Newswire

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