MicroStrategy to Deploy 2,000 Apple iPads to Execs

Mark J

Updated · Sep 14, 2010

MicroStrategy has announced its plan to deploy more than 2,000 iPads to its executives and sales team. According to this Computer World report, MicroStrategy is one of the largest business users of iPads to go public about its deployment. Most other businesses that have talked about iPad use have around 100 users.

“MicroStrategy said it is using some applications that can run on both the iPad and the iPhone, while others are designed to fully take advantage of the larger 9.7-inch iPad touch screen. For example, some of the latter applications help sales personnel easily show off videos or live demonstrations to customers during face-to-face meetings, said Mark LaRow, senior vice president of products.

“Apple has wisely made it possible to import and export documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the Microsoft Office formats of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which are almost universally used by businesses large and small, he noted. ‘Apple is breaking the mold for mobile computing,' LaRow said.”

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