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Updated · May 01, 2012

There appears to be growing interest in giving consumers more options to use their smartphones and other mobile devices for help in completing online transactions and resolving other support issues, judging by the release of two new applications.

Earlier this month Genesys introduced a customer care app called Mobile Engagement that it promised would improve mobile support options by offering customers such features as the ability to schedule when they should be contacted by an agent and the ability to leverage location information to make decisions such as finding the nearest bank branch that can provide a replacement ATM card.

Now Nice Systems has launched Mobile Reach, an app that it says complements mobile self-service with assisted service to create a better customer experience.

Left to their own devices, NICE says most customers choose to call a contact center even if better support options are available. Calls made to contact centers are then typically routed to interactive voice response systems (IVRs), which can frustrate customers by requiring them to wait for an available agent and explain their support issue.

Udi Ziv, president of NIC's Enterprise Group, said Mobile Reach instead “analyzes, in real time, a multitude of data sources from the mobile device and enterprise systems and then recommends for the customer the most suitable channel to continue the interaction when they need assistance.” 

If a customer opts to speak with a contact center agent, the app bypasses the IVR and connects him or her with an appropriate representative while delivering relevant transaction information to the agent's desktop. This allows companies to offer “a great, personalized customer experience for the customer while reducing the call handle time of the agent,” Ziv said. 

As the customer and agent converse over the phone, multimedia collaboration tools such as text chat, image exchange and document transfer are available for both parties. 

According to the company's website, NICE customers include Air France, American Express, JP Morgan Chase and T-Mobil

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