New Editions of Maximizer CRM 11 Announced Staff

Updated · Jul 01, 2010

Offering small businesses marquis sales tools and upgraded contact management capabilities to leverage pipeline opportunities in real time, Maximizer Software has announced the availability of Maximizer CRM 11 Team Edition and an enhanced CRM 11 Entrepreneur Edition.

According to the company's news release, Entrepreneur Edition is tailored for organizations with individual or up to five networked users that primarily need contact management functionality. The new Team Edition is designed for organizations with 5-50 networked users that demand more advanced sales opportunity management and collaboration.

“Maximizer CRM 11 offers expanded sales force automation capabilities and tools to proactively monitor and keep sales opportunities moving forward. Team edition specifically offers advanced Sales Opportunity Management, which enables companies to create Sales Teams within the system, whether domestic or international, with time zone support built into related appointments and tasks. Sales managers are able to leverage critical insight into the status of sales deals in the pipeline with real-time access into performance data by representative or sales team, to better focus resources and facilitate stronger collaboration to close key deals. Additionally, sales team members can quickly merge customer information with professional HTML email templates for timely sales outreach and follow-up activities.”

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