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Mark J

Updated · Dec 01, 2010 (CRM) has recently announced the availability of new Labs apps Chatter RSS, Milestones and SurveyForce on AppExchange 2. As mentioned in this news release on MarketWatch, these solutions are three of the latest applications to come out of the Labs program, an initiative geared toward harvesting the most innovative ideas and code from employees.

“All three of these new apps help drive success beyond CRM. The solutions are fully customizable, making it simple to build the apps out for a specific business process. With the added social, mobile and real-time features of Cloud 2, users can collaborate anywhere on the information that is generated by these solutions, from any device.

“With Chatter RSS, users can integrate any RSS/ATOM feed with their Chatter feed, making it easy to keep track of all important news sources without leaving Salesforce.

“With Milestones, users can track critical projects, deadlines and actions within Built to make project management easy, Milestones keeps users on task with seamless integration to both Chatter and e-mail.

“With SurveyForce, users can easily create surveys with drag and drop functionality and distribute them via e-mail templates and Web sites built on Data can be attached to a contact or case record and reported on using standard Salesforce reports and dashboards.”

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