New Logi Analytics Tool Simplifies Data Discovery

Matt Sarrel

Updated · Jan 07, 2014

Logi Analytics, a company featured in Enterprise Apps Today‘s Mid-size Business Intelligence Guide published a few months ago, has introduced Logi Vision, a tool it promises makes data discovery more accessible to business users.

 According to the company, the tool utilizes a recommendations approach that delivers best practices in data profiling and data visualization to make analysis easier for such users. Logi Vision incorporates popular consumer-based approaches such as ranking, relevancy, following, trending and crowdsourcing.

“The only way to unlock the real potential of data is to ‘consumerize’ analytics with functionality that flips the model from a data scientist-dependent approach to one where every business user is empowered with the technology they need to freely analyze and share insights. This opens the door to the ‘analytics everywhere’ future,” said Brett Jackson, CEO of Logi Analytics, in a statement.

According to the company, Logi Vision's patent-pending design is comprised of three key technologies:

  • DataSmart, which automates much of the work involved in preparing data for analysis, including data profiling, modeling, acquisition and blending. With Logi Vision much of this work is done within the application, preparing the data for analysis in a way that is easy to work with and enabling a higher level of analysis by business users.
  • ThinkSpace, a recommendation engine that suggests visualizations based upon the underlying data, giving users the guidance they need to make self-service data discovery a natural part of their everyday jobs. ThinkSpace shows the data so users can see and interact with it as they are creating visualizations.
  • InfoBoard, which allows users to collaborate with each other by offering what the company calls a “Pinterest-like” environment where visualizations are ranked and promoted according to what is most important to each user. Users can distribute insights among their network of colleagues to spark discussion and create a shared understanding of their findings.

Built on a Web-based architecture, Logi Vision can be deployed and managed while scaling to a larger number of users. It can be used with the company's Logi Info platform.

Multiquip, a manufacturer and supplier of industrial products and solutions, is deploying Logi Vision across its supply chain so its operations team can gain real-time insights into scheduling, delays, overseas shipment, lead time and planning for global delivery of products.

“Logi Vision’s recommendation capabilities point our users in the right direction, separating useful insights from a sea of information. This is creating a more intelligent, adaptive and responsive supply chain,” said Michael Hanken, Multiquip's vice president of IT, noting that business users require little assistance from IT professionals.

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