One Moment, Please

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Dec 10, 2001

“Your call is very important to us. Please hold on.”

If you hope to never hear that phrase uttered again, chances are your customers feel the same.

One Moment, Please
Such is the premise for noHold Instant Support — a Web-based customer service solution that utilizes virtual technical support agents. With noHold, customers can avoid calling your enterprise almost completely, bypassing interminably long hold times. Additionally, most problems are diagnosed and resolved almost instantaneously, eliminating the need for e-mail inquiries.

The solution is composed of distinct, individually effective components that when used together, represent a complete customer support system and comprehensive knowledge base.

  • Users access the Knowledge PortalTM from your Web site’s tech support page, generating interactive pop-up windows.
  • noHold’s proprietary DynamicDialogTM technology allows customers to engage in an intelligent conversation with your support system until it has enough information to present an accurate, relevant solution.
  • The Portal ManagerTM is a dynamic reporting tool that helps you improve the content of the knowledge base.
  • DynamicLinkTM connects the disparate customer information into one usable source.

Using natural language, customers are able to find immediate and accurate solutions to problems and answers to questions, thereby attaining satisfaction quickly and increasing your return on investment. noHold’s Instant Support can present a viable 24/7 alternative to heavily staffed call centers but at a cost that may put it out of reach for small enterprises.

Reprinted from ECommerce Guide.

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