Oracle Announces Fast Adoption Rate of PeopleSoft

Mark J

Updated · Jan 28, 2011

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) claims to have added more than 350 PeopleSoft customers in the past year.
According to this report on PC World, the current 9.1 release of PeopleSoft is also being adopted at a rate four times faster than any other edition, with some 1,000 customers either live or in the process of implementing it, according to the company.

“While there are clearly still deals for Oracle to make with PeopleSoft, it's also losing some customers to attrition, he said. ‘So I think the customer base is holding steady but not growing. Some customers might drop off maintenance but keep running it.'
“Second, if you're a multinational business, you still don't have that many choices [for ERP]. You have about three choices and two of them are from Oracle.'

“Oracle disclosed the statistics as part of an announcement for a PeopleSoft 9.1 feature pack that adds a variety of human resources capabilities.”

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