Oracle Releases New Version of User Productivity Kits for IT Project Management

Vangie Beal

Updated · Jul 25, 2011

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) has announced a new version of its Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) to help organizations achieve better IT project success. The enterprise productivity kits helps teams create, access and share content tailored for all phases of the project lifecycle, reducing deployment and adoption time to drive application project success.

Oracle User Productivity Kit 11.0 and Oracle User Productivity Kit Professional 11.0 are easy-to-use and comprehensive content development, deployment and maintenance platforms for increasing productivity and adoption for Oracle, third-party and custom applications projects, the company said.

The Professional version offers customers a more mature and secure role-based delivery engine, however new integration between the two products has resulted in more blending between the two feature-sets.

New features in Oracle UPK Professional 11.0 enable customers to rapidly create and access engaging content, thereby increasing knowledge transfer and reducing content maintenance time.

A major focus in the Professional 11.0 version release is a reduction in administration for manager functionality said Trish Trolley, senior director product management at Oracle.

“One of the major changes we’ve made on the professional side is administration so that manager functionality is Web-based and not a client/server application, which reduces the administrative function,” she said.

The latest version of Oracle UPK Professional includes “Enablement Content” to jump-start projects and map success from the start with best practices documentation and instructions and a “Web-based Knowledge Center” to measure organizational readiness and support ongoing proficiency on a centralized content deployment. It also features “Conceptual-based Assessments” to increase user adoption and knowledge retention through conceptual and transaction-based testing.

Oracle UPK and UPK Professional customers who are current on maintenance can upgrade to the latest version at no charge. In addition, Oracle UPK and Oracle UPK pre-built content, available for many Oracle Applications, helps reduce content development time as companies can easily customize a prebuilt library of transactional recordings to meet their unique business needs, said Oracle.

Vangie Beal
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