Predixion Offers Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics

Mark J

Updated · Sep 14, 2010

Predixion Software has announced its new cloud-based predictive analytics solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) platform.
According to the company in this Business Wire news release, Predixion Insight for Excel and PowerPivot lets organizations use and analyze large amounts of data to make actionable decisions, all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot and SharePoint.

“Pivotstream LLC, a consulting and software as a service (SaaS) analytics firm specializing in retail, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries, applies PowerPivot directly as a core component of the Pivotstream platform and product line. ‘At Pivotstream, our job is to turn massive volumes of clients’ raw data into concise, actionable insight, and on extremely short lead times,’ said CTO Rob Collie.

“According to Collie, Pivotstream recently utilized Predixion Insight to perform a market basket analysis on 10 million retail transaction records, representing a full week of transactions for a very large drugstore chain. ‘Installing Predixion Insight and accessing the cloud servers was quick and easy,’ Collie said. ‘The data uploaded in about a minute, and we were immediately looking through a report of products that were commonly purchased together in that timeframe. Some of the associations were quite surprising to say the least, and we are going to be working through those with our client in the coming weeks. We have just scratched the surface of what Predixion Insight can do for our clients and us.'”

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