Preparing For a Career in Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Jul 13, 2010

Getting started in a
business intelligence career may be the easiest way for a graduate to break into the IT industry, but it is no free lunch and a level of competency must be reached. This Tech Careers article looks at business intelligence and offers advice on the five main areas a Business Intelligence specialist needs to be proficient in.

“All of them are important, but none are deal breakers. Even if you only have one or two of the items on this list, the rest can be learned.

“1. Relational Databases: Understanding how relational databases work is one of the most important things in Business Intelligence. Working blindly to the table schema provided by the database developer will drastically limit what you can do.

“2. SQL: SQL, Structured Query Language is the programming language used exclusively for extracting information from databases. SQL does not change much between different databases, so learning one version is enough to apply to all databases. It is possible to have a successful Business Intelligence career and never be able to write a line of SQL, but it can certainly make it easier when trying to solve more complex problems.”

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