Profiling By Name

Mark J

Updated · Oct 27, 2010

Online tracking company, RapLeaf, knows more millions of Americans than others do: their real names and email addresses.
According to this report on, most trackers either can't or won't keep the ultimate piece of personal information — a name — in its database.

“In the weeks before the New Hampshire primary last month, Linda Twombly of Nashua says she was peppered with online ads for Republican Senate hopeful Jim Bender.

“It was no accident. An online tracking company called RapLeaf Inc. had correctly identified her as a conservative who is interested in Republican politics, has an interest in the Bible and contributes to political and environmental causes. Mrs. Twombly's profile is part of RapLeaf's rich trove of data, garnered from a variety of sources and which both political parties have tapped.”

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