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Vangie Beal

Updated · Oct 13, 2011

Using social decision-making tools to improve the business discovery process for business intelligence users is the focus of QlikTech‘s (NASDAQ: QLIK) QlikView 11 release. 

With this latest release, QlikTech said the company has expanded its vision to include all the ways people make decisions every day – with relevant data, on location, and with teams by bringing social technology into the business discovery environment.

Jeff Boehm, QlikTech's vice president of global product marketing, said this vision builds on the concept that business intelligence (BI) needs to be more user-driven and to give BI users the ability to ask their own questions and pursue their own paths to insights.

Boehm told Enterprise Apps Today that QlikView 11 allows users to engage with the information using any device they have and have the process be more social and collaborative.

While business intelligence and business discovery are data-driven, most people don't make a decision based purely on the data; instead they see the information then typically seek input from other people to review the analysis or to offer knowledge-based input.

“With QlikView 11, we looked at the basic question that is based on our mission of simplifying decisions for everyone everywhere and looked at how people make decisions,” Boehm said. 

Collaborate, Annotate and Share Comparative Analysis from Any Device

QlikView 11 provides ways for business intelligence users to leverage the collective intelligence of a group. Teams can collectively explore data in real time as well as jointly create analysis to quickly answer business questions and arrive at informed decisions.

With QlikView users, are not limited to predefined paths they must follow or questions they must formulate ahead of time. They ask what they need to ask, and explore up, down, and sideways and now even side-by-side, said QlikTech.

Collaborative Workspaces lets QlikView users invite others – even those who do not have a license – to participate in live, interactive shared sessions where all participants interact with the same analytic app and can see others' interactions live. 

A new annotation feature furthers social business discovery by letting BI users post and respond to notes right in the context of any QlikView app. As users navigate through the data, they can include their own questions, answers, and insights about the data and also see what others have seen and noted about the data. Notes and comments (the annotations) can be added to charts, graphics, and visualizations, and are accessible as threaded discussions.

Comparative analysis is another new feature in this release that is used to contrast multiple data sets, such as market basket comparisons in a retail setting or stock performance analysis in financial services. Business users can create multiple selection states in a QlikView app; they can create graphs, tables, or sheets that are based on different selections, then compare multiple selections of data inside one document, one chart, or one object to spot trends, outliers, or differences.

QlikView's comparative analysis feature automatically visually contrasts performance – across regions, time periods, or any other measure, making it easier to gain new insights into patterns of use, opportunities and threats.

The latest version of QlikView also delivers the complete business discovery experience for mobile users – including interactive analysis, rich visualization, associative search, and the ability to share apps, data and decision trails, said QlikTech.

By leveraging advanced HTML5 browser technology, QlikView on Mobile takes full advantage of the interactive potential of touchscreen tablets like the Apple iPad, Android tablets and BlackBerry Playbook. QlikView 11 also makes use of small touch screens, such as the Apple iPhone or Android phones, by delivering a touch-driven interface that makes BI as easy to use as consumer apps while IT retains centralized security and manageability.

QlikView 11 is available now and an online demo can be viewed on the QlikTech website. The company has said that the QlikView 11 Personal Edition will be available for free download by the end of year.


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