Quadstone Increases CRM Connectivity with New Connector Program

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Apr 03, 2001

BOSTON, MA–In an effort to improve analytical and operational customer relationship management integration, Quadstone — a provider of predictive marketing software — has launched new dedicated interfaces to enhance the Quadstone System.

The Quadstone System offers sophisticated functionality along with advanced analytical ability designed to increase understanding of customer behavior. The comprehensive knowledge allows for better customer response, risk, retention and return on investment in a more timely and efficient manner, regardless of the operational systems in use.

The dedicated interfaces are part of Quadstone’s new Connector Program, which will extend its open systems approach beyond traditional database interfaces, allowing for specific integration with CRM, business intelligence (BI) and Web-based personalization systems. The new beneficiaries of the Connector Program are WebTrends CommerceTrends and IBM’s DB2 Universal Database.

Mark Smith, president of Quadstone, explained, “Quadstone’s analytics exhibit their true value when the intelligent customer contact rules we create are put into action. We have long supported the import and export of a wide variety of data formats, and over six years in this market we have successfully implemented our software with most leading operational CRM systems. The recent additions of IBM DB2 and WebTrends CommerceTrends interfaces are evidence of our commitment to expand our connectivity capabilities further.”

The Quadstone Connector program links the Quadstone System directly with a range of operational and business tools. The four elements of the program provide the following interfaces:

  • CRM Connect: for marketing automation, call center and other CRM systems
  • Web Connect: for Web log, Web site and other online data
  • Rule Connect: provides rule-based links via XML standards such as PMML
  • Report Connect: for output to standard reporting, BI and OLAP tools
Robyn Greenspan
Robyn Greenspan

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