Sage ACT 2011 Customer Management Software Review

Mark J

Updated · Dec 03, 2010

Whether you’re new to contact management software or a long-time ACT fan looking to upgrade, Sage ACT 2011 offers a lot to like. This Small Business Computing review takes an in-depth look at Sage ACT 2011 and the new features such as access to business info databases and improved email marketing features.

“Sage has carefully positioned ACT as ‘contact and customer management’ software: a step up from spreadsheets or a simple Access database to house your customer information, but a step below a full-blown CRM (customer relationship management) platform. To put it another way, ACT delivers all the features you are likely to need, without the complexity and cost you don’t.

“Originally launched in 1987 (to call this small business software ‘mature’ is understatement), the premise of ACT has always been straightforward: To let you store and manage your business contact information. Over the years the product has evolved as a sales force tool by including more advanced customer-management features, such as better tracking of opportunities and automated follow-ups to proposals.”

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