SAP and Workday Make Enterprise Software Exciting

Mark J

Updated · Dec 16, 2010

Three events last week foreshadow the renewal of enterprise software as an exciting and interesting place to be. According to this ZDNet report, made a definitive leap from departmental solution to enterprise platform vendor, SAP outlined coherent cloud strategy and described execution against that plan and Workday suggested possible intentions to compete more closely to SAP’s home turf than previously expected.

“As Salesforce wowed tens of thousands at Dreamforce in San Francisco, SAP held its annual Influencer Summit in nearby Santa Clara. Due to the conflict with Dreamforce, I missed most of the Summit, but attended a special day that SAP held for bloggers.

“Hearing from other analysts who attended the first day of SAP’s event, I expected a boring session that rehashed old marketing messages. Blogger Jon Reed heard the same stories:

“At the end of day two, a couple of sleep-deprived analysts who traveled long distances to get to Santa Clara pulled me aside and said, ‘This is the same message as SAPPHIRE, nothing has changed.'”

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