SAP HANA One: In-Memory Analytics Meets SaaS on Amazon’s Cloud

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Oct 17, 2012

Buoyed by the popularity of HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) among developers, SAP has launched HANA One, a business analytics engine hosted on Amazon's popular cloud infrastructure. HANA One is among the first of several offerings to fly under the HANA Cloud banner, a cloud services platform powered by SAP's in-memory analytics technology.

The move, says Swen Conrad, senior director of Technology Marketing for SAP HANA, helps organizations give their business processes a real-time analytics boost without breaking the bank. It also expands the market opportunities for both companies' respective platforms.

“The brand new offering – called SAP HANA One – is being hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can be consumed via the AWS Marketplace. SAP HANA One allows anybody – including SAP customers, SAP partners, independent ISVs or SAP itself – to build and deploy breakthrough SAP HANA solutions with minimum upfront investment in a do-it-yourself and pay-as-you go fashion,” writes Conrad in a company blog post.

It's a sentiment echoed by Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services. “There are so many great ideas that have been stranded on enterprises' white boards because teams cannot get the requisite capital, people resources or services provisioned in a reasonable time frame,” he said in a statement.

Together, SAP HANA and AWS put complex business analytics within the reach of modestly-sized enterprises, said Jassy. “The combination of in-memory transactional and analytical data processing of SAP HANA One with AWS’s immediately accessible, no capital expenditure, pay-as-you-go, reliable infrastructure changes the possibilities for so many companies.”

User-driven HANA Use Cases

An SAP HANA instance on AWS can be installed and configured in less than 30 minutes, according to Conrad. Yet, despite the quick setup and big IT presence afforded by Amazon's massive cloud platform, there are limits, Conrad says.

In short, don't expect to run a big operation on HANA One. It is limited to 60 GB of main memory, half of which is devoted to the database and the rest to data storage. Because of these limits, “SAP HANA One is best suited for departmental use cases instead of company-wide deployments,” Conrad says.

SAP HANA One on AWS costs 99 cents per hour for the software.

The first SAP HANA One app on the AWS Marketplace — with more to follow — is the company's Enterprise Performance Management OnDemand expense insight offering, which is priced at 49 cents per hour. Geared toward department managers, the SaaS app offers real-time insight into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenses, according to SAP.

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