SAP Still Has Analytics Aspirations for Sybase IQ Database

Wayne Kernochan

Updated · Sep 25, 2012

Although SAP is putting its HANA in-memory database at the center of its analytics strategy, it obviously wants to continue to offer other database options to its customers. Today the software giant rolled out four new analytics editions of its Business Objects business intelligence software, all of which are bundled with Sybase IQ server, a database SAP gained with its 2010 acquisition of Sybase.

The four versions are: BI suite, analytics edition; BI platform, analytics edition; Edge analytics edition; and Crystal Server, analytics edition. In addition to the Sybase database, all four offerings are bundled with SAP Data Integrator software.

In an effort to get users quickly up to speed, SAP also includes collections of business use cases and “best practices” content such as dashboards and reports that are tailored for key verticals such as health care.

“As technologies such as BI, data warehousing and data integration continue to come together, organizations large and small are looking for end-to-end solutions that can turn ‘big data’ into ‘intelligent data’ and quickly answer any business question. The analytics editions take this even further by offering the expert content they need to accelerate return on investment,” says John Schweitzer, SAP’s senior vice president and general manager, Analytics.

In an April interview with Enterprise Apps Today, Steve Lucas, global executive vice president and general manager for Database and Technology at SAP, explained that HANA and Sybase were appropriate for different use cases. In some cases, Lucas said, companies might opt to use both Sybase and HANA in tandem in order to deliver the best solution that meets the needs of volume and data quality.

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