SAS CEO Comments on Social Networks

Mark J

Updated · Dec 09, 2010

SAS allows companies to track customer opinion with its Social Media Analytics package and the company will soon launch Conversation Center, a product designed to help
organizations capture and identify relevant tweets. According to this report on
ZDNet Asia, Dr Jim Goodnight says social networks are something of a
double-edged sword for business–on the one hand providing real-time feedback
from customers but on the other acting as an echo chamber.

“‘It's an instantaneous reaction–showing you how people feel about your brand,' he said. ‘In the long run it is probably just going to be an accepted part of doing business, that you have to keep your finger on the pulse and know what people are saying about you.

“My main concern about it is that I believe that tweets and blogs tend to be done more often by negative people. That has to be taken into account.'

“As a result, Goodnight believes that companies shouldn't take tweets and Facebook posts at face value, but should instead question who is doing the posting and what their motive might be.”

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