ScyllaDB Raises $16M to Advance NoSQL Database Technology

Sean Michael

Updated · Mar 16, 2017

Back in September 2015, Cloudius Systems pivoted, rebranding itself as ScyllaDB. When Cloudius Systems was founded, the company was all about its OSv operating system for the cloud, but as ScyllaDB, the focus is on the company's eponymous NoSQL technology platform.

Now ScyllaDB is getting a big vote of confidence in its business model and technology, raising a $16 million Series B round of funding. The new funding round was led by Western Digital Capital, Samsung Ventures, Magma Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures, with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners.

“ScyllaDB redefined Apache Cassandra,” Dor Laor, founder and CEO of ScyllaDB, said in a statement. “We invite the Apache Cassandra community to join us in our mission to be the number one NoSQL database in performance and availability.”

ScyllaDB is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the open-source Cassandra NoSQL database, with the promise of improved scalability and performance. The ScyllaDB 1.3 database was released on Sept. 6 as the first production ready release of the open-source database, with the company claiming that it offers a 10x throughput gain over a baseline implementation of Cassandra.

“Based on the enthusiastic feedback we’ve received from early users of our product, we brought a number of significant new capabilities to this feature-rich release, including tighter integration with graph databases, improved support for Thrift, Date Tiered Compaction Strategy, Large Partitions, Docker, CQL tracing, and much more,” Avi Kivity, Chief Technology Officer, ScyllaDB, wrote in statement accompanying the Scylla 1.3 release.

ScyllaDB has continued to progress since it's initial production-ready 1.3 release. The most recent open-source release is version 1.6.2 that debuted on March 13.

Going a step beyond just the open-source ScyllaDB database release is the company's enterprise edition that debuted on March 15. Scylla Enterprise (SE) v2017-01 provides new migration tools to help existing Apache Cassandra users to move to SycllaDB as well as commercial support.

“Subscriptions include an SE license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support, best practices, and access to training and Professional Services,” Tzach Livyatan, ScyllaDB product manager wrote in a company post. “SE Support guarantees that you will have access to the engineers who develop Scylla.”

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