SnapLogic Raises $40M in Series F Funding Round

Sean Michael

Updated · Dec 08, 2016

Building modern applications is not about building a monolith, but rather is about using the right building blocks to pull in the right components and data. SnapLogic is a data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS) vendor that helps to enable modern enterprise application and data delivery.

On December 7, SnapLogic announced a new Series F round of funding bringing in $40 million to the company. The new investment round was led by Vitruvian Partners and included the participation of Andreessen Horowitz, Capital One, Ignition Partners, NextEquity Partners and Triangle Peak Partners. To date, SnapLogic has raised a total of $136.3 million.

SnapLogic claims to have over 700 customers, adding over 300 over the course of the past year alone.

“Companies are desperate for better data and shared truths, but silos and bottlenecks limit their agility, productivity and profits,” Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic's founder and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “They can no longer afford the time, cost or complexity of code-based integration, so we completely reinvented how it's done.”

Rather than take an ETL (Extract Transform and Load) approach to data integration, SnapLogic aims to take a more integrated approach for the Software-as-a-Service cloud era. The core unit of SnapLogic is the snap concept which helps to create data connector from on-premises app to cloud or other data center resources.

Among SnapLogic solutions are snaps for analytics, cloud and and Big Data application integration. The most recent release of the SnapLogic platform was announced on November 16 withe the Fall 2016 release of the Elastic Integration Platform. The new release provides extended support for Teradata, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure and Apache Spark.

“The Fall 2016 release expands our big data integration and cloud analytics capabilities with a host of new Snaps to help companies ingest, prepare and deliver data to and from any source so they can unlock business value and accelerate transformation initiatives,” stated Vaikom Krishnan, vice president of engineering at SnapLogic.

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