Taleo Offers Talent Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Jul 19, 2010

Taleo has announced ‘Talent Intelligence’ adding analytics to standard talent management. According to this report on ere.net, the company does appear to be offering more than just a rebranding of talent management.

“What’s so special about that, you may be asking, that it merits more than a mention? If it was merely a rebranding of talent management (and it is partly that), it probably wouldn’t. However, it is part of an industry-wide effort by vendors to educate employers, especially those with a ‘C’ as the first letter of their title, to the value that lies within their HR systems.
Taleo officially joins the ranks of the repositioned today, declaring that its “next era of talent management” shall henceforth be known as ‘Talent Intelligence.'”

Read the Full Story at ere.net

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