The Business Intelligence Certification Debate

Mark J

Updated · Aug 03, 2010

Do certifications have real, practical importance or are they primarily symbolic? This is the question posed in a recent article on Smart Data Collective that debates the merits of business intelligence certification in the workforce.

“So for those who can afford the time/effort/money, and don’t expect a miracle, certification may make sense. But what about the value of certification from the employer side?

“For IT departments that are heavily invested in specific tools and platforms, relevant vendor certifications can potentially enhance employee performance. For example, someone with Cisco or Oracle certification may have an advantage in troubleshooting problems particular to those products.

“But when it comes to certification for a particular kind of role—say, project manager, or systems architect—the value proposition is less clear. And that brings us to CBIP, The Data Warehousing Institute’s certification program for Business Intelligence Professionals…”

Read the Full Story at Smart Data Collective

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