The Perks of Call Center Scheduling Software

Mark J

Updated · Jun 08, 2010

Workforce management software – or call center scheduling software – help call center managers reduce costs and labor efficiencies. This TMC article provides an
in-depth overview on today’s call center scheduling solutions and how it can improve call center management.

“Today’s call center scheduling solutions, which are increasingly delivered via the software–as-a-service or cloud model of delivery, sport advanced forecasting capabilities that enable call center managers to accurately forecast call volume, based on historical call data captured from the ACD. These forecasts, in turn, help managers more accurately schedule the proper number of agents for any given shift.

“This functionality is critical for holding down call center operating costs: Schedule too many agents for any given shift and you’ll have agents sitting around idly, waiting for calls to come in.

“At the same time, it’s also critical for maintaining service levels: Schedule not enough agents and call hold times will increase, resulting in customer complaints and low customer satisfaction. A more accurate schedule helps you meet or exceed your service levels, ensuring that you answer calls in a timely manner.”

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